Winston-Salem Economic Development Services

Bus Development-Econ Development

The Chamber is proud to be a leading force in Winston-Salem’s economic development. We work with area companies of all sizes to help facilitate growth and expansion, bringing new jobs and higher salaries that lead to improved education, stronger infrastructure and a more rewarding lifestyle for everyone.

Winston-Salem economic development is a priority for the Chamber, with services provided in four key areas:

  • Expansion and Retention – For companies looking to expand, the Chamber can help with site identification, workforce issues, financing, and negotiating with local government for incentives.
  • Gathering Information – The Chamber works constantly to identify the needs of the business community and ensure that those needs are being met.
  • Industry Visits – The Chamber frequently calls on business leaders in Forsyth County in order to get their views on the local economic climate and to see if we can help with specific issues or problems they may be facing.
  • Resource Coordination – We work to link local businesses, uniting those with certain needs to those with available resources.
  • Business Consulting Services – The Chamber can answer questions, provide information, help with paperwork, and we offer one-on-one counseling on everything from financing to hiring issues. We can also connect you to a wide variety of resources that can help you start and/or grow your business.

For more information, contact:
Jill Atherton
Vice President of Economic & Community Development