Partnerships & Volunteer Opportunities

Through our partnership and volunteer opportunities, the business community can make a meaningful contribution to help students prepare for life and work in the 21st century. Business support can help ensure that students graduate with the skills necessary to meet the demands of our knowledge- based, globally competitive economy. The Chamber encourages members to get involved with our educational development efforts through a variety of very successful and ongoing programs:


Workforce Development initiatives are designed to promote student achievement, create career awareness, and help students to be prepared to meet the demands of our knowledge-based, globally competitive economy.

The Corporate Volunteers Program pairs Kindergarten through 2nd grade students with business and community volunteers who spend an hour each week working with their student on reading and language skills.

Senior Academy volunteers provide one-on-one mentoring for 12th grade students at participating high schools who are in jeopardy of dropping out.

Click the links above to learn more about these programs and how you can participate.


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