School-Business Partnerships

The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School’s Partnerships In Education Program is administered by the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce. This program connects businesses and community organizations — including congregations and the faith community — with schools to assist in providing a quality education for every student in Forsyth County. While the business partner often donates money, perhaps the most valuable contributions are time, ideas, expertise, volunteers, and in-house goods and services.

A partnership enhances a company’s image, allows its employees to work together on a specific community need, and contributes to smoother school-to-work transitions for new employees. Employees often enjoy entertainment, artwork, parent education programs, and the use of their partner school’s facility. They especially enjoy the personal satisfaction they receive from their relationship with students and staff.


The School-Business Partnership Program has three main components:

District-wide Partners – These partners are businesses and organizations willing to help all of the schools in the district reach their goals. To be listed as an official District-wide business partner, at least one of the following characteristics must be met:

  • Offer Fundraising Support with a minimum of 20% giveback, preferably higher.
  • Strategic Support to assist schools in achieving at least one of the district-level goals and/or priorities.

Friend of the School – These partners provide valuable support to the school that is typically less than $500 a year on a one-time or limited basis.

Strategic Business Partner – These partners form a strong multi-year, sustainable relationship, and the specific activities are outlined in a written agreement. Activities are based on School Improvement Plan priorities that address one or more of the district and school-level goals and priorities. Multiple strategies may be included and require involvement and resources.

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For additional information, contact Rodessa Mitchell at (336) 728-9222.