Workforce Development

Job creation and economic growth in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County are only possible if we have a well-educated, well-trained workforce available to fill those new jobs. The Chamber’s Workforce Development initiatives are designed to ensure that we will be able to meet the demand for qualified workers by promoting student achievement, creating career awareness, and helping prepare students to meet the demands of our knowledge-based, globally competitive economy. These initiatives include:


  • Real World Connections is a program that brings business people together with students in small groups or one-on-one to give the students a sense of what is involved in different career paths.
  • Career Specific Partnerships show students what they can expect from careers in four key professional areas – Finance, Hospitality & Tourism, Construction, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) – to help them get a head start on their career decision.
  • Classroom Speakers Program includes local business and community volunteers who are willing to share their expertise with students in the classroom. Speakers bring relevance to a particular topic, helping students understand the connection between the curriculum and the real-world of work. Speakers also provide teachers with additional curriculum-related resource expertise. Click here for program details.

For more information, please contact Rodessa Mitchell at (336) 728-9222.