2015 Legislative Agenda


  • The Chamber supports balanced city and county budgets, reduced debt, and the effi cient and effective delivery of necessary government services to enhance and encourage business investment for our long-term economic vitality.
  • The Chamber supports implementing remaining cost saving recommendations made by the Development Review Related Advisory Committee (DRRAC) to streamline the development process and ensure our community is competitive in business expansion and recruitment.
  • The Chamber supports implementing the remaining recommendations from the Citizen’s Organizational Efficiency Review Committee (COERC) to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness and appropriateness of city-provided services. We advocate periodic review to ensure implementation and results.
  • The Chamber supports the creation of a Citizens Review Committee by Forsyth County to review and initiate recommendations for possible cost savings and reduction of duplication of work.
  • The Chamber advocates for regulatory reforms to stimulate broadband investment by private companies and improve advanced communication infrastructure locally.
  • The Chamber advocates for responsible local public investment in Wake Forest Innovation Quarter.




  • Accelerated construction of I-74 is our community’s #1 transportation goal. The Chamber advocates using all possible measures to advance funding and complete construction of this interstate.
  • The Chamber advocates amending existing legislation to allow an additional ¼ cents sales tax to be used for all transportation projects, not just for mass transit.
  • Continue to support the Governor’s $2.4 billion bond proposal for transportation funding.
  • Support eliminating the highway tax fund transfers to the general fund ($257 million annually). Highway taxes should be reserved for transportation purposes. This is the “keep the trust in the trust fund” approach.
  • Review North Carolina’s service fees for cost-recoupment and those of neighboring states and raise North Carolina fees to ones comparable with our neighboring states.

Education and Workforce Development

  • The Chamber supports increasing the State’s compulsory school attendance age from 16 to 18.
  • The Chamber supports increased emphasis on funding Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education at all levels.
  • The Chamber supports competitive global standards as the basis for standards that will address the needs of students to prepare them for college and the workforce.
  • The Chamber supports the retention of the best and brightest teachers by advocating for competitive teacher salaries.
  • The Chamber supports the fi scally responsible funding of the North Carolina Community College System and Forsyth Technical Community College in particular, in efforts to close the skills gap, to provide North Carolinians with the skills
    needed for today’s jobs, and to ensure that community college salaries and resources are competitive.
  • The Chamber supports state public investment in Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, including the Center for Design Innovation.

Tax and Fiscal Reform

  • The Chamber supports tax policy that encourages growth and development that is complimentary to today’s industries and encourages small business and entrepreneurial investments, including efforts to modernize state tax policy and streamline regulatory mandates and processes.
  • The Chamber supports restoring the state historic tax credit and restoring the film industry incentives as existed prior to January, 1 2015.
  • The Chamber supports continued reform of North Carolina’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund to address the state’s debt to the federal government, the long-term solvency of the fund, and workforce training and retraining programs.
  • The Chamber is committed to advancing a more competitive legal climate for North Carolina employers that ensures a rational, fair, and predictable civil justice system which discourages unnecessary litigation that adds costs and prevents
    employers from creating jobs.
  • The Chamber continues to support North Carolina’s Right to Work laws for private and public employees.



  • The Chamber supports reauthorization of the historical six-year federal surface transportation bill, which is set to expire in September 2014. The ability of the state and local governments to address the growing backlog of needs will be significantly impacted by failure to pass a fully funded multi-year bill.
  • The Chamber supports the repeal of the medical device tax. The onerous tax imposed on medical device companies to top line sales is counterproductive to our nation’s growth and will cost our local community jobs.


Elected Officials

Federal Elected Officials
President Barack Obama
U.S. Senator Richard Burr
U.S. Senator Thom Tillis
U.S. Rep. Alma Adams
U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx

State Elected Officials
Governor Pat McCrory
Sen. Joyce Kraewiec
Sen. Paul Lowe
Rep. Debra Conrad
Rep. Ed Hanes
Rep. Julia Howard
Rep. Donny Lambeth
Rep. Evelyn Terry

City Council
Mayor Allen Joines
Vivian Burke– Mayor Pro Tempore
Denise Adams
Dan Besse
Robert Clark
Molly Leight
Jeff MacIntosh
Derwin Montgomery
James Taylor

County Commissioners
Dave Plyler– Chair
Don Martin– Vice Chair
Ted Kaplan
Richard Linville
Walter Marshall
Gloria Whisenhunt
Everette Witherspoon