New Member Information

Welcome to the Chamber! As a new member, you may not be familiar with our full array of services and benefits. (For instance, did you know that if a company is a member of the Chamber, ALL that company’s employees are members as well, and can take full advantage of our member benefits?) We encourage you to explore our website to learn all the different things the Chamber can do for you specifically, and what we do to help the local business community in general.

You can also learn a lot about us in our Chamber Guide, which provides a comprehensive overview of our services and benefits.

If you’d like to hear firsthand about the advantages of being a Chamber member, we invite you to attend a Member Benefits Meeting.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Take advantage of the Chamber and its resources to help your business grow.
  • Support the Chamber’s strategic initiatives that are developing our economy and creating jobs in our community.
  • Display information about your company to other new members.
  • Connect with fellow members and meet our Chamber staff who can help you and your organization.

Contact the Chamber at 336-728-9200 to find out about our next Membership Benefits Meeting.

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