Research Center

The Chamber’s Research Center, part of our Economic Development group, has a wide array of research and data available to assist our members in defining and reaching their target markets. Whether it be the global economy or the community around you, understand the factors impacting your business and find new opportunities for growth.

Here are a few ways our members are using research.

  • Find New Customers and Markets – Whether your focus is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, our Research Center can provide lists of businesses and/or individual contacts by industry, geography, number of employees, contact titles and other characteristics. We can analyze any U.S. market by income level, education, household type, home value, consumer expenditure, etc.
  • Know Your Competition – Our Research Center can help you learn who your competitors are, whether in a neighborhood or a larger region, as well as identify markets that are under-served or untapped. We can generate lists of businesses by industry, geography and other characteristics, and analyze this against potential market demand.
  • Enhance Your Supplier Base – Whether it’s a widget or expertise, the Research Center can help you pinpoint the right suppliers and vendors. We can build lists of businesses by industry, geography, size, any required licenses or certifications and other characteristics.   
  • Think Big Picture – The Research Center produces a number of economic reports throughout the year, available on the Chamber web site and in print. In house, we maintain our own business databases and analytic tools on a wide range of subjects. The Research Center is also available to speak at meetings, strategic planning sessions and other events.

Missing Something? – Do you have something that’s not listed above or maybe you’re not 100% sure of what it is that you are even looking for? We are here to help! The Research Center can provide customized services based on your company’s needs.

Click here to see a variety of sample research reports.

If you have any additional questions, or if you would like us to visit your business or organization and discuss these research opportunities further, please just let us know. You may contact Joseph Hamby at 336-728-9227.