Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. will advocate for, and keep members abreast of, key governmental developments that are directly related to business and protecting their bottom lines. As a corollary, Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. will advocate for the best business environment as it relates to economic development, fostering a strong workforce, infrastructure needs, and work-ready programs that benefit employers.

Towards that goal, Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. supports initiatives that aid current and future infrastructure needs concerning roadways, communication, and aviation. Investing in long-term strategies in these areas will enable Winston-Salem and Forsyth County to successfully compete with other regions for economic development considerations.

Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. will encourage legislators to work efficiently and promote initiatives that advance and protect businesses in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.

Public Policy Committee

Through the Public Policy Committee, Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. is your voice in the halls of government at every level.

The mission of the Committee is threefold:

– to advocate for public policy that is in the best interest of business;
– to encourage more efficient, less costly government; and
– to protect and educate members on key government issues relating to business.

From local Winston-Salem government ordinances to federal regulations, we work to make sure you are represented on issues that affect local commerce and its interaction with the community. With resources and news about your Winston-Salem city government and more, we also provide you with the information you need to become informed advocates.

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