Expanding Clinical Research Opportunities

Jennifer Byrne, a Winston-Salem resident of 30 years, has a true passion for clinical research with an extensive career to prove it. Byrne’s experience in this sector and her mission to improve clinical research services motivated her to launch Javara in April 2018, where she now serves as CEO.

Javara is an integrated research organization that delivers first-class clinical research services to healthcare organizations in order to engage more physicians and patients in clinical research. Javara is integrated into the systems of its healthcare partners, including Wake Forest Baptist Health and Privia Health.

“Winston-Salem has a deep history in clinical research coming from our healthcare systems like Wake Forest, Novant, and others,” said Byrne. “The overall clinical research IQ of the community is higher than that of a typical community, because of the longstanding commitment to healthcare and research in Winston-Salem.”

In addition, Javara is able to hire top talent from esteemed education institutions here.

“The strong educational infrastructure that we have here with Forsyth Tech, Winston-Salem State, North Carolina School of the Arts and Wake Forest provides us with a unique opportunity to cultivate fresh talent for the clinical research sector,” said Byrne.

Byrne is on the board of Greater Winston-Salem Inc. and is very involved in the community. She says that Javara has made a commitment to be an active partner to local healthcare systems and to make a name for Winston-Salem as a leader in the clinical research space.

“Overall, Winston-Salem is a great mid-size community that has forward-thinking leaders who are reimagining the city with a twenty-first century approach,” said Byrne.

Her advice for anyone looking to start a business or relocate to Winston-Salem is to get involved in the community right away.

“Come into Winston-Salem with your head up and carve out time to understand the extent of the assets and resources here. Take advantage of the infrastructure and resources that city leaders have put in place. There are a lot of opportunities to make connections.”

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