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Thanks to its rich history in textiles and manufacturing, Winston-Salem has always had a reliable transportation network with access to surrounding states and beyond. Its central location also plays a key role in fact, Forsyth County is within 650 miles of half of the US population.

In the heart of North Carolina, Winston-Salem is easily accessible by five interstates, three major rail lines and an international airport less than a half hour from downtown. In addition, this region is on track to become one of the top 50 metros in the country within the next few years, awaiting even more exciting developments on the horizon


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Best State Business Climate

(North Carolina, tied GA) | Site Selection 2020


Best City to Drive in

(Winston-Salem) | WalletHub 2020


Fiscal Stability

(North Carolina) | U.S. News & World Report 2020


Aerospace Investment Attractiveness

(North Carolina) | Area Development 2020

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