Judie Holcomb-Pack of For Seniors Only magazine shared an inspiring story. Kathy Shoaf lost her job in September 2014 and decided to follow her passion of traveling and spur-of-the-moment adventures. After bumps in the road and with the help of Forsyth Tech Small Business Center, she was finally able to start her own tour bus company, called Gracy Goose Touring.

Here is Kathy’s advice to others who are thinking about changing careers or starting a new business:

* Network! The Chamber of Commerce offers plenty of opportunities to do this, but whatever you go, meet people and exchange business cards.

* Never be afraid to ask questions.

* Never be a afraid to be around people. Talk to other entrepreneurs. They are your best source of inspiration.

* Don’t be afraid to try.

* Look ahead and don’t look back. When you look back, focus on what you’re done and not on what you’re going to do.

* Don’t be shy about talking about your business

* Follow your instincts

Her most important advise to seniors is, no matter what your age, don’t be a afraid to start something new

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