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SCOTUS Vaccine Mandate Ruling

The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) granted an immediate stay of a mandate by the Biden administration that would have required employees at large businesses to get vaccinated for COVID-19, or test regularly and mask while working.  However, the court ruled that the Biden administration can proceed with a separate vaccine mandate for most healthcare workers in the U.S.   We anticipated these legal challenges and discussed them with you on calls with legislators last year. The rule from… Read More »

State Budget Impact in Forsyth County

Winston Salem/Forsyth County will greatly benefit from the recently signed state budget. Our General Assembly approved a two-year state budget on Thursday November 18th, and sent it to Governor Cooper’s desk. The governor’s signature codified the budget. This budget is 100% aligned with Greater Winston Salem, Inc’s current and previous legislative agendas. We are thrilled… Read More »

Commissioners Approve $500 Million Budget that Lowers Taxes and Invests in Community

Forsyth County commissioners unanimously approved a $500 million budget that lowers the property tax rate by 6.57 cents while maintaining services and investing in the community.   The budget lowers the tax rate to 67.78 cents per $100 of property value, a significant reduction from the current 74.35 cent rate. This is due to the year’s strong property tax revaluation, which increased the estimated revenue from each penny… Read More »

Emergency Rent Assistance Program Launches in Forsyth County

Forsyth County and the City of Winston-Salem are now offering financial assistance to low-income residents who are behind with rent or utilities due to COVID-19.   The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) offers assistance to pay rent and utility bills, including electricity, water and sewer, natural gas, propane and internet.  Landlords can assist tenants by providing information about the program. They may also be asked to provide… Read More »

Phased Reopening Progresses Under NC Executive Order 204

In what amounts to a significant step towards easing restrictions at North Carolina businesses, Governor Roy Cooper announced that NC Executive Order 204 would go into effect this Friday, March 26. Its primary purpose is to establish new guidelines for capacity limits at various places of business. Wearing a mask while in public and practicing… Read More »

American Rescue Plan

President Biden plans to sign the American Rescue Plan (ARP) into law by close of business on Friday, March 12. The COVID relief legislation has been passed by Congress, and just needs a signature from the White House. The pandemic has put a strain on individuals and businesses, and this bill provides direct aid to… Read More »

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