Forsyth Humane Society (FHS) is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2016. Our mission is to enrich our community by promoting the compassionate treatment of cats and dogs. FHS is committed to supporting a no-kill adoption center, placing cats and dogs into loving homes, providing needed resources to the pet community, spaying or neutering of dogs and cats, and to advancing community understanding of the benefits of animal companionship. FHS is 100% community supported and receives no funding from any national animal welfare organization.

From Left to Right:

Courtney White, Event Planner – Twin City Quarter
Rodessa Mitchell, Vice President, Education & Workforce Development – Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce
Richard Brooks, Director of Sales and Marketing – Twin City Quarter
Jill Atherton, Vice President, Economic & Community Development – Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce
Sarah Williamson, Executive Director – Forsyth Humane Society
Gayle Anderson, President & CEO – Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce
Mark Uren, Board President – Forsyth Humane Society