The Thunderbirds are proud to announce that on Saturday, January 6th, 2018, the team will play a charity game of sled hockey against an all-star team made up of players from North Carolina, including military veterans. The game will be played at 4:35 pm, with the doors opening at 4:15 pm est. This game is free and open to the public, however, the Thunderbirds are asking for a suggested donation at the door. The money raised will go towards purchasing sled hockey equipment for use right here in the Triad.

Sled hockey was originally invented in the 1960’s by a group of Swedes who wished to play ice hockey despite their physical disabilities. Sled hockey follows most of the typical ice hockey rules with the exception of some of the equipment. Players sit in specially designed sleds that sit on top of two hockey skate blades. There are two sticks for each player instead of one and the sticks have metal pics on the end for players to propel themselves. Goalies wear basically the same equipment but do make modifications to the glove. Metal picks are sewn into the backside to allow the goalie to maneuver.

The Thunderbirds are very excited to host this game, GM and President of the Thunderbirds Scott Brand commented on the event. “We are truly honored to be able to do something to help grow hockey in the Triad, not just for the traditional hockey players, but for those who love the sport as much as we do but have to overcome challenges to play. We feel anyone should have the chance to play our great sport and anything we can do to help that we will.”

For more information, visit the Carolina Thunderbirds website