CycleBar Winston-Salem, a new concept in premium indoor cycling that offers a high-energy workout in a concert-like atmosphere, is celebrating its grand opening at 400 West Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem on January 29th.

“More than 54 million Americans are working out at boutique fitness studios, which makes it the fastest growing sector of the fitness industry,” said Dixon Douglas, owner of CycleBar Winston-Salem. “Winston-Salem is such an active, vibrant area, and CycleBar fits into our community’s health and fitness lifestyle while making the experience fun for both new and experienced riders. This is my hometown, and I’m excited to bring this model to the great folks here.”

CycleBar offers a memberships and flexible packages. Concierge service and amenities include free towels, showers, lockers, and shoes.

The dynamic classes take place in a state-of-the-art CycleTheatre and are led by CycleStar instructors who take participants through a 50-minute high-energy ride. The CycleTheatre features tiers for 50 bikes plus LED lighting, wide-screen graphics and state-of-the-art audio with a DJ booth.
In addition, riders can track performance data via CycleStats and can download music used in the class session. After class, riders cool down with fresh fruit and enhanced water, while aromatherapy helps guests relax throughout the facility. 

CycleBar also does more than just help people stay in shape—It gives them the opportunity to work out to support a cause through philanthropic CycleGiving events that regularly take place at the studios. “The opportunity to give back to the community that helped raise us was a major reason I decided to open this business – our entire team shares the same passion to help drive health and well-being in the community as well as establishing a platform to assist local Charities and Foundations,” says Douglas. “In fact, just the other day, we were able to help raise awareness and financial support for a family whose son has Apert Syndrome. The little boy is a wonderful person and an inspiration to our team. We are currently speaking with other organizations around town and working on what our philanthropic calendar looks like for the year.” For more information on partnering with CycleBar Winston-Salem as an opportunity to raise money for an organization, please visit the website.

About CycleBar

CycleBar unites riders of all ages and fitness levels by creating an unparalleled multisensory, intoxicating journey. Led by engaging, high-energy CycleStar instructors and fueled by incredible music playlists in our state-of-the-art CycleTheatre, CycleBar delivers far beyond a great cardio fitness workout. Our studios and staff are entirely dedicated to creating a fun, dynamic and effective indoor cycling experience for you.