For the final post of Keep it Local: Arts and Innovation month, we’re featuring a new makerspace that resides literally and figuratively at the intersection of Arts and Innovation.

Where the Arts District and the Innovation Quarter meet, you’ll find Mixxer on North Martin Luther King Jr. Drive adjacent to the Arts Based School, Wise Man Brewing, and the Ramkat.

Inside a modern-looking warehouse exterior, a community of craftspeople and makers are building themselves a workshop and makerspace that will be the first of its kind in Winston-Salem. Heading up the initiative is Alan Shelton, Executive Director.

Mixxer includes tools and machinery for electronics projects, woodworking, metalworking, and more. It is meant to build connections among members as much as provide them with space and tools to build.  

Mixxer is now open to new members, even as a dedicated group continues to install cabinetry, paint walls, and troubleshoot the final details on machinery and systems. It has become a collaboration that includes many volunteers, sponsors, and supporters. Mixxer’s website contains a weekly update on the progress of the space. The one bullet point that all of the updates have in common: more cool stuff in the works daily.