According to US Census research, Americans spend roughly 26 minutes each way on their daily commute. While our local commute time is slightly below the national average at 21.4 minutes, those minutes add up over the course of a year – and so can the associated costs. A Citi Commuter Index found the average commuter spends nearly $2,600 per year on their daily drive to and from work. Costs in the estimate include things like gas, car insurance, wear and tear on your vehicle, and associated fees for things like parking.

At the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART), we wanted to give commuters a way to calculate their own commute while comparing their costs to some of the alternative transportation options we offer like PART Vanpools or riding the PART Express bus.

With some basic information, our Commute Calculator gives you an easy way to explore these options.


Using public transportation even a few days a week can give you – and your vehicle – a break, and has environmental benefits too. Give the calculator a spin, and contact PART for more information on ways to change up your daily commute.