City of Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines today rescinded the city’s stay at home order. The move aligns the City of Winston-Salem with the rest of Forsyth County in following Governor Cooper’s statewide order which is scheduled to end on May 8th.  

Businesses that practice social distancing as required by the Governor’s Orders may operate, unless they are prohibited.  For example, clothing and furniture stores can operate, but beauty salons, gyms, theaters, performance venues, sweepstakes stores, dine-in restaurants, and similar businesses must remain closed. 

“My goal has been and continues to be one of keeping our citizens as safe as possible while limiting the negative impact on the economy,” Mayor Joines said. “Governor Cooper has laid out a reasonable plan for reopening the economy based on science, data and guidance from our medical professionals. 

“I will be working in conjunction with Forsyth County officials and local businesses on a strategy to facilitate the reopening of the economy once the governor issues formal executive orders lifting his restrictions.” 

By aligning the city with county and state measures, businesses will face fewer barriers and less confusion as they prepare to reopen. This streamlining primes Forsyth County to rebound quickly as the Governor’s phased reopening plan is enacted. Businesses can still expect to receive local updates and support as to what the Governor’s plan means for them.  

“This order allows our entire county to operate under the Governor’s order making it easier for our business community to understand and prepare, says Mark Owens, President and CEO of Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. “As we prepare for a phased reopen, this will help make that transition happen smoother.”    

As we continue to flatten the curve, residents are encouraged to practice social distancing, wear face masks in public and follow the Governor’s order. Together, Forsyth County will overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and successfully relaunch our business community.