The fluidity of the COVID-19 situation will require businesses to consider a myriad of issues as they navigate the decision as to when and how to reopen their facilities to employees and the public in accordance with Governor Roy Cooper’s phased reopening plan.

Attorneys at Kilpatrick, Townsend and Stockton have compiled a reopening checklist that contains information on the following topics.

Access the full PDF here.

Operational Infrastructure

  • Develop a reopening plan
  • Designate a reopening coordinator
  • Procure necessary equipment, reconfigure spaces as needed
  • Notify insurance and licensing boards as needed
  • Notify suppliers
  • Review guidelines from professional organizations

Employment Laws & Worker Safety

  • Review employment policies
  • Comply with federal and state occupational safety laws.
  • Consider what PPE is necessary for worker safety
  • Consider employee screening measures
  • Continue remote work as much as possible, prohibit non-essential travel.

Social Distancing

  • Evaluate your floor plan and identify safe distancing through floor decals or signage
  • Evaluate air and ventilation systems.
  • Create a usage plan for elevators and high-traffic areas to reduce the number of people in close contact.
  • Avoid physical contact (such as handshakes).

The information in this checklist is just a snapshot of some of the considerations many employers may need to implement – your own plan will likely be specific to your company and operations.

Refer to the Governor’s Phased Reopening plan for more information.