Extra Time for Extra Credit

In sports, extra periods of play are always satisfying. In parenting, extra time to receive money is a championship-level win. Thankfully, parents with school-aged children who missed out on a $335 relief payment from the state will get another chance to receive the funds thanks to a new piece of legislation. The Extra Credit Grants in Senate Bill 36 (SB36) are meant to offset some of the costs parents are incurring due to virtual learning.

SB36 contains more than $2 billion in federal COVID-19 funding. The money was intended to go out automatically, but a syncing issue with some tax preparation software made it appear as if taxpayers did not have a child 16 or younger. This made deserving families ineligible. The new application and amendment process will be released by the state’s Department of Revenue shortly.

Additionally, SB36 provides $1.6 billion for schools, funding for COVID vaccine distribution, expansions for broadband internet, and $700+ million in rental and utility assistance for state residents who can show need.

COVID Vaccine Group 3

North Carolina will move into Group 3: Frontline Essential Workers for vaccinations beginning on February 24th. Educators and school personnel will be prioritized along with individuals from Groups 1 and 2 who have not yet received their shots. On March 10th the rest of Group 3 will be eligible for their shots. Although North Carolina is expected to receive more doses of vaccine over the coming weeks, the supply is still limited.

Group 1: Healthcare Workers, Long-Term Care Residents & Staff (Currently Eligible)

Group 2: Older Adults (Currently Eligible)

Group 3: Frontline Essential Workers (February 24-Educators, March 10-All)

Group 4: Adults at High Risk of Exposure and Increased Risk for Severe Illness

Group 5: Everyone

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