PickUpMyDonation.com Makes Donating to Winston-Salem Rescue Mission Simple

Effective January 29, 2014 Winston-Salem Rescue Mission Thrift Store has acquired exclusive use of the national website “PickUpMyDonation.com” in Winston-Salem, NC and surrounding counties.

“PickUpMyDonation.com” is an online program that gives individuals wishing to donate gently used household items ( i.e.- furniture, appliances, clothing) a simple solution for scheduling a donation pick up. Until now, the only options were to make a phone call and hope to get an answer, or drop the donation off yourself. With the “PickUpMyDonation.com” program, a donation request can be made quickly and easily with a computer, smart phone, or tablet – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The main focus at “PickUpMyDonation.com” is to make the donation process convenient and simple for the donor.  Our partners have considerable expense associated with fuel and disposal of unsellable merchandise,  so the program is very careful to ensure that donations meet specific criteria.  The “PickUpMyDonation.com” software helps the donor understand the qualification process, and offers convenient drop-off locations, if the donation doesn’t meet pick up criteria.  All “PickUpMyDonation.com” partners are 501 c-3 charitable organizations, so donors can rest assured that their donations are tax deductible.  Pick up service providers usually have businesses that are creating revenue to support the ongoing work of their parent organizations, and one of the biggest keys to their success is acquiring quality donations. “PickUpMyDonation.com” seeks to find partner organizations that are effectively serving their communities, giving donors the piece of mind that their donation is making a difference.

Most of us have excess that we give away whether it’s from spring cleaning, moving or making room for new clothes. These donations can make a tremendous impact on the community. “PickUpMyDonation.com” is a free service to donors so log on today and schedule a donation to support Winston-Salem Rescue Mission. For more information about the ministry of the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission, please visit http://www.wsrescue.org or https://www.facebook.com/WSRescue

For more information, visit www.pickupmydonation.com