According to some recent estimates, 91% of small business owners have used their personal credit cards to purchase goods and services for their business last year. On the face of it, this probably doesn’t sound like a big deal and yet, it is. In the business world, and most especially in the fields of accounting and law (and many others), the “commingling of funds” is not only a bad idea, but may be illegal – from our perspective, it just doesn’t make good business sense as there are tax issues, accounting problems, and financial management challenges that make it a bad idea. So why do business owners continue to do it? There are many reasons, but the most common is that they have failed to establish the business credit that they need to succeed.

Max Goelling’s goal is to clear away the misconceptions, myths, and pitfalls that prevent small business owners from establishing the credit they need to not only grow their businesses, but also to open the doors to a wealth of new possibilities that an excellent business credit rating can provide. There are literally millions of dollars worth of free services, heavily-discounted programs, and money-saving opportunities available to the small business owner who knows how to build a solid credit foundation. One customer reduced his travel budget by 65% by using a program only available to businesses with excellent credit – this represented a $45,000 savings in a single year!

So, let our seminar help you understand some of the critical reasons why your business needs to have the best credit rating possible, and to share with you some of the “secrets” to achieving this important achievement.

June 24th at 8am until 9am with a continental breakfast provided, at the Piedmont Club located on the 19th floor of the BB&T building at 200 W. Second St. Winston Salem. The cost is only $35 per person, so reserve your space by either calling 336-480-5266 or emailing: We guarantee that you will come away with a clearer understanding of the value and need to separate your business and personal credit and how to do just that. Presented by Max Goelling, MBA senior financial consultant to Maxwell Harrison Associates, a business financial and business mediation firm.