SightSpan, a leading provider of risk management and security solutions, today announced SightSpan Security USA has been issued a Guard and Patrol Service license by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board to protect and serve businesses and individuals within the state.

“SightSpan has made our international footprint as a leading firm in all areas of protective services, said April Wills, COO of SightSpan Security Inc. “It only makes sense to bring that same level of expertise to American soil.   We are very much looking forward to offering our world class services and solutions domestically and I am very proud of SightSpan’s cutting-edge services, our commitment to employ military and law enforcement veterans, and our firm’s over all approach to making each of our clients feel safe.”

SightSpan Security is a leading provider of protection services around the globe, especially in some of the most dangerous regions across the Middle East. SightSpan Security USA operates in NC and conducts physical security evaluations, designs security programs, provides training and key personal protection services for both private and government clients. The firm plans to expand its U.S. operations into South Carolina and Virginia in the next 24 months. Its employees are handpicked for their expertise, many with military or law enforcement backgrounds.

“We’re excited to bring our security expertise home to the State of North Carolina,” said John Dwiggins, Executive Vice President of SightSpan Security USA. “While its obviously less volatile here, than some of the regions where we protect high-value government assets, many of the challenges are the same and we provide a holistic approach to protect all your assets, from physical property to cyber and intellectual.”

The purpose of the Department of Safety Private Protective Services Board is to administer the licensing, education and training requirements for persons, firms, associations and corporations engaged in private protective services within North Carolina. SightSpan Security is now a registered firm within the state. For more information, go to,003034.

About SightSpan

SightSpan is a multinational advisory group with local and international expertise focused on risk management and security matters. Some of the largest financial institutions in the world rely on SightSpan experts and solutions to mitigate compliance risk and uncover financial crime around the globe.  SightSpan also assists businesses and governments in keeping people safe in dangerous or higher risk situations, protects physical and digital assets around the globe, deals with threat financing, money laundering and general illicit financial activities and designs communications and training programs to better assist citizens.

SightSpan is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, with additional offices in New York, Miami, Montreal, New Zealand and in the Middle East. Go to