In a post published by Brad Waters of Psychology Today titled “10 Best Career Advice Websites”, Goodwill of NWNC’s Professional Center’s online videos were ranked #1 (nationally) for the second straight year! The following is an excerpt from that post. Click here to read the entire post.

The endless stream of career advice can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and even misleading. So much online advice is outdated, boring, or too general to be helpful for any one person’s unique situation. To get career seekers headed in a better direction, I’ve updated my list of favorite career websites for 2015:

Still on my list from last year, Randy Wooden at the Goodwill Professional Center (part of Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina) posts excellent YouTube videos addressing common career questions. In his treasure trove of videos, he addresses all career levels and many of the most challenging job search situations such as (1) how to answer difficult interview questions, (2) preparing your ‘elevator speech’, (3) effective networking, and (4) how to discuss salary requirements with a potential employer.