SightSpan, a leading provider of risk management and security solutions, today announced that SightSpan Security USA has signed a partnership contract with The Lee County School District to provide security services for the Lee County High School and Southern Lee High School.

SightSpan Security is a leading provider of protection services around the globe. SightSpan Security USA operates in NC and conducts physical security evaluations, designs security programs and provides training and key personal protection services for both private and government clients.

“We are very excited to announce this key signing in the North Carolina School Systems. The Lee County School System is a highly regarded educational system in North Carolina with a tremendous reputation as a leader in preparing young men and women for college and professional careers. ,” said John Dwiggins, executive vice-president at SightSpan Security USA. “We are proud to help protect the students, faculty, administration and guests in Sanford, NC and look forward to growing with the Lee County School System and surrounding districts in and around the North Carolina area. At SightSpan Security we honor the responsibility of protecting America’s youth and future leadership. We are also very pleased to be providing a Security Force for the school system comprised of United States Marines and officers with experience with Homeland Security.”

“SightSpan Security USA partnering with the North Carolina school system is a huge step in achieving our goal of bringing global skills in security services, to the home front.”, said April Wills, Chief Operating Officer at SightSpan Security Inc. “Protecting our learning institutions and the youth that attend them, is so important. Hiring United States military service veterans to protect these invaluable assets, is extraordinary. We are thrilled to be able to offer our valuable services to such an important establishment. ”

About SightSpan

SightSpan is a multinational advisory group with local and international expertise focused on risk management and security matters. Some of the largest financial institutions in the world rely on SightSpan experts and solutions to mitigate compliance risk and uncover financial crime around the globe.  SightSpan also assists businesses and governments in keeping people safe in dangerous or higher risk situations, protects physical and digital assets around the globe, deals with threat financing, money laundering and general illicit financial activities and designs communications and training programs to better assist citizens.

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