Reuben Rink Marketing & Advertising just launched a new program to offer free strategic marketing advice to local nonprofits. Called “Community Giveback,” the program is described by the agency as “our way of helping those in our community who are helping others.”

Forsyth County-based 501(c)(3) nonprofits may apply to participate in the program. Each quarter a nonprofit will be selected, and the leadership of that organization will meet with Reuben Rink staff to explore one of the nonprofit’s key marketing challenges. The agency will then develop detailed strategic and tactical recommendations for addressing the challenge and present them to the organization. “We believe that providing strategic marketing direction is the best way we can put our professional talents to good use on behalf of local nonprofits,” said the agency’s president and owner J. G. Wolfe.

Interested nonprofits may present their marketing challenge and apply for the program here.