North Carolina’s current level of transportation funding is inadequate to make needed improvements to the state’s transportation system to accommodate current and future levels of population, travel and economic growth. This is according to a new report by TRIP, a Washington, DC based national transportation organization. TRIP’s report identifies unfunded transportation projects throughout the state that are needed to improve conditions, relieve traffic congestion and improve traffic safety. Over the next decade, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will have funds available for only 17 percent of needed transportation projects.

The TRIP report, Keeping North Carolina Mobile: Progress and Challenges in Providing an Efficient, Safe and Well-Maintained Transportation System,” examines road and bridge conditions, travel trends, economic development, highway safety, transportation funding, and the status of needed transportation improvements statewide. Since 2000, the state’s population has grown 26 percent and is projected to increase another 20 percent by 2035.  Vehicle miles of travel (VMT) in North Carolina increased 29 percent from 2000 to 2016 — the ninth highest rate of growth nationally.  And, from just 2013 to 2016, VMT in North Carolina has increased by 10 percent.  VMT in North Carolina is projected to increase another 25 percent by 2030.


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