Cyclebar is now open in downtown Winston-Salem, and as a member of the Chamber’s Winston Under 40 program, owner Dixon Douglas is welcoming us as the host of the next Winston Under 40 Social. On April 18, join us for an event meant to strengthen your social network and then change in to your workout clothes for a complementary ride!  

For people new to cycling, what are the benefits?

CycleBar is the one and only premier, indoor cycling studio to hit Winston-Salem. With top notch staff and amenities, you are assured a mind-blowing, heart pumping party on a bike! We offer various class times tailored to all fitness and experience levels, towels, and fruit after your ride. Two bathrooms and two showers – with everything included for a speedy turnaround. CycleBar will inspire, motivate, and invigorate you to face your day.

What makes CycleBar unique?

A unique aspect of CycleBar, is our CycleGiving program where we focus on giving back to the community. We work with as many charities or foundations in the community, working with them to use our facility and bikes, to raise funds for their goals and objectives. Through our CycleGiving efforts since we opened in January, we have raised over $5,000 for various community charities.

What is the most rewarding part of opening the studio?

Other than the unique experience we offer in our four walls, the health and well-being platform and CycleGiving, the most rewarding aspect of opening this studio in my hometown are the stories we have received to date. Ranging from building a group new best friends, a location to rehab after an awful car wreck, a location where people have truly lost weight, a location where people have found their confidence again, to warn out smiles and high-fives people give each other after class – I feel like the studio has allowed a group of people who have never met before a location where they can find their “WHY” and build roots with each other.

For those of you new to CycleBar, we offer the first week free. We offer discounted rates to School Teachers / Faculty and Students and have started a new Corporate Discount Program. Our menu of offers can be found on our website:

Social Media: Instagram and Facebook: @CycleBarWinstonSalem