On March 16, a new escape room in town will throw a city-wide celebration of games and puzzles in honor of their Grand Opening. Family owned and operated, Total Escape loves games of all kinds and wants to spread fun in its city. The celebration will run from 11am until 5pm.

A puzzle hunt has been set up to happen on Trade and Liberty streets during the opening, sending participants to 5 local shops where they must complete a puzzle to get a stamp. After earning all of their stamps, they can bring the stamp card back to Total Escape for a chance at a grand prize. While there, people can enjoy food trucks, live music, giveaways, and additional games and contests.

The day will also mark the announcement of Total Escape’s third game experience. During their soft opening period, the company has offered two games: an ancient Mayan temple called Temple of Tikal, and Prison Break, where players must break out of Charlois International Prison. The announcement of the third room comes highly anticipated by those who have already gotten to play the other experiences.

Brady Lievens, one of the owners, says about the new company, “I’m excited to bring immersive escape rooms to Winston Salem because I’m passionate about fun. I want to create an experience people can’t have anywhere else, an experience so different and exciting they are talking about it for weeks and months to come.” When asked about his goal for the Grand Opening, he remarks, “I just want to spend a day celebrating fun and games in our city.”

Total Escape is partnering with many local businesses for the Grand Opening. PAZ Studios, Small Batch, Mast General Store, and Camel City BBQ will be hosts for the puzzle hunt downtown. Hoots Beer Co., Crafted Art of the Taco, Taqueria Luciano’s, and Michael Anderson Music will partner with Total Escape for the rest of the celebrations.


Total Escape is an escape room company. That is, it offers original experiences with immersive themes filled with puzzles and clues that players must try to complete in under an hour. Family owned and operated, it came from a dream to create more fun in Winston Salem and the surrounding areas, and to spread excitement for that which is outside of the everyday experience.