Forsyth Technical Community College has announced an exciting new apprenticeship program. In partnership with business and industry, the program named Learn and Earn Apprenticeship Program or LEAP@Forsyth Tech, will provide students an opportunity to combine on-the-job training with technical education while earning an income.

LEAP is a structured collaboration between Forsyth Tech as the apprenticeship sponsor and instructional provider and local companies committed to employing the apprentices throughout their educational journey.

Staff members of the Winston Salem Chamber attend the press conference announcing the LEAP program.

“We are thrilled that LEAP@Forsyth Tech will help fulfill Forsyth Tech’s mission as a catalyst for equitable economic mobility, empowering lives and transforming communities,” said President of Forsyth Tech, Janet Spriggs. “Through this apprenticeship program, we will expand the skilled workforce in our region, provide a strong positive impact on our economy and increase our ability to attract new and expanding industries to our community.”

Forsyth Tech works with businesses and industries across the Triad to provide customized training programs to meet their needs for potential employees. Utilizing existing relationships while nurturing new ones, Forsyth Tech will communicate the benefit of being an employer partner with our sponsored program to train the workforce of today and the future.

“Apprenticeship is not a new concept and has a long history of proven success in meeting the needs of industry and individuals in sustaining economic growth and prosperity,” said John Carstens, dean of Engineering Technologies at Forsyth Tech. “We are excited to be part of the revitalization of this concept and assuming the pivotal role of connecting industry with the skilled workforce they require while improving the lives of individuals and the economic development of the larger community.”