The Winston Salem Chamber joins together with our community to welcome Dr. Angela Pringle to Winston-Salem and Forsyth County as the new superintendent. Dr. Pringle will be the advocate for more than 54,000 students and 7,000 staff and educators in our school system, and we invite the entire community to support her important role 

“I appreciate the efforts of our School Board to identify the next superintendent”, says chamber president Mark Owens. I look forward to working with Dr. Pringle to align the needs of the business community with the efforts of our school system.” 

As we outlined in our newest Quarterly Report and recent Economic Whitepaper, educational opportunities that are aligned with workforce needs can be a powerful economic driver for any community. Educational institutions are critical in developing, retaining, and recruiting talented people, and K-12 opportunities are essential in building a career ready workforce.  

Talent development is an important focus for the Chamber and one that directly impacts our mission to create a favorable business environment and local economy. A strong local school system is a critical component of a community’s success and its ability to develop a talented workforce.  

As we fulfill our mission to make our community the best for business, we will fully support efforts to bring the school system, higher education, and the business community together around goals that support student achievement and workforce development. 

WS/FCS Superintendent Announcement