Economic Development firm Resonance issues its 2019 Best Cities Report, ranking Winston-Salem #27

The America’s Best Cities report ranks the top 50 large and small U.S. cities based on six economic and cultural factors to determine an overall score for each city. Using a variety of economic data combined with qualitative evaluations by locals and visitors, Resonance scores cities on each of the following factors:


Online presence, social media, travel reviews, and news reports


Weather, safety, landmarks, and outdoor activities


Connectivity, local attractions, higher education, and sports teams


Economy and standard of living


Diversity and educational attainment


Culture, nightlife, dining, and shopping

The report ranks the top 50 large cities with populations over 1 million and the top 50 small cities with populations from 200,000-1 million. Winston-Salem is ranked #27th on the list of small cities. The top 5 large cities are New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. The top 5 small cities are Honolulu, Omaha, Charleston, Albuquerque, and Tulsa.

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