Members of the $7.6 million Fayetteville Postal Credit Union have approved a merger into the $358 million Piedmont Advantage Credit Union at a special meeting on November 20, 2019.

Merger Vote PACU

Board Chairman Dorothy Schrecker of Fayetteville Postal stated, “While a merger may seem like an end, it is actually a new and exciting beginning! Fayetteville Postal Credit Union has been proudly serving its member-owners since 1928, making it one of the oldest credit unions in North Carolina.”

Dion Williams, President / CEO of Piedmont Advantage Credit Union, highlighted product and service enhancements such as mortgage loans, instant issue debit and credit cards, financial planning, and mobile deposits in his remarks. In addition, Mr. Williams emphasized PACU’s commitment to the individual credit union member-owner and the local communities it serves.

Piedmont Advantage Credit Union serves 39,761 members via 9 branches throughout the State of North Carolina. The Fayetteville Postal office will remain open and become PACU’s 10th branch location.