Swipeby, a local tech startup housed at Winston Starts, offers an app to facilitate curbside pickup for restaurants. Over the past year, the company has grown from working with dozens of restaurants in the Winston-Salem market, to scaling regionally and nationally through partnerships with chains like Firehouse Subs.  

Suddenly, as the Coronavirus outbreak unfolded, the Swipeby app was no longer a tool offering a convenient customer experience, it became a lifeline. The team, led by founder Carl Turner, is working quickly to answer the demand.  

Swipeby has waived onboarding fees for all clients. The company is also quickly expanding its model to adapt to use by other small business retailers.  

Using the Swipeby app, a customer can order from a restaurant or retailer on the platform. The business receives a notification when the customer is outside and ready to pick up their order. 

Swipeby’s first non-restaurant retailer, Forsyth Plastic Surgery, launched the service last week. Dr. Leslie Branch says, “We hope this will allow our patients to continue to use the skincare items they know and love and at the same time keep all of us within the social distancing guidelines.” 

Swipeby is working with other small business retailers locally and in other states to help them connect with customers.