Senior Academy

SA 1The Senior Academy Program is sponsored by the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. The program is a dropout prevention initiative that provides one-on-one mentoring for 12th grade students who are in jeopardy of not graduating. High school guidance counselors identify these students who then agree to be a part of the program. Mentors are expected to spend at least one hour per week meeting with their student from late September through May. While this is not a tutoring program, many mentors have provided that type of support when meeting with their student. Mentors are also provided with incentives to give to their student, to be awarded when attendance and coursework goals are met. In 2014-15, 122 students were served by 125 mentors. Of those 122 students, 114 students graduated or are on-track to graduate – this includes 4th, 5th, & 6th year graduates, those attending summer school, and students expected to return for the 2015-16 year – yielding a 93.4% projected program graduation rate.



  • Mentors are expected to attend a training session at their chosen school site and spend at least one hour per week meeting with their student, starting late September through May.
  • Mentors review graduation guidelines and assist with researching potential career opportunities.
  • Participants are encouraged to help students set attainable goals and identify positive problem solving strategies.
  • Mentors receive weekly progress and attendance reports for their students.
  • Mentors communicate with the program coordinator regarding student progress.
  • Participants keep time logs and other information as requested by program coordinator.
  • Mentors meet with their student during school hours.
  • Mentors maintain confidentially of all student records and information.
  • Mentors are encouraged to utilize the Senior Academy Message Board.




  • Carver
  • East Forsyth
  • Glenn
  • North Forsyth
  • Reynolds




“What are you thinking about? Just do it! Talking and thinking about helping is one thing, doing is another. Just step up and help a student!”
               ~ Rudy Anderson, Winston-Salem State University


If you would like to become a mentor, contact Tina Long at 336-728-9204.