The Duke Energy Citizenship and Service Award recognizes the efforts of a person or group that demonstrates outstanding volunteerism and community service. It is a tribute to those who make a difference in the community by using time, talent, and compassion to positively impact the lives of others. Recipients of the award help foster a culture of citizenship and service that acts as a catalyst for others to become involved in civic and social activities. The award is designed to recognize outstanding volunteer service and civic participation over a 12-month period.
The Duke Energy Citizenship & Service Award is presented at the Winston Salem Chamber’s Annual Meeting:

134th Annual Meeting
November 19, 2019

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Please complete the form below to submit a nomination for the Duke Energy Citizenship and Service Award. The selection committee will contact the nominee if any additional information is needed.

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In recognition of their extraordinary efforts in community service, we congratulate former recipients of the Duke Energy Citizenship & Service Award.

Gary Green | 2018
Lee French | 2017
Doug Maynard | 2016
Marty & Ben Tennile | 2015
John Burris | 2014
Walter McDowell | 2013
Claudette Weston | 2012
Jeff Smith | 2011

J.D. Wilson | 2010
Rence Callahan | 2009
Susan Ivey | 2008
Michael Wells | 2007
Michael Lischke | 2006
Harold Martin | 2005
Edwin Welch | 2004