Q: What is an ASPIRE WS internship? 

A: An internship is a short-term work experience offered by companies for students to gain entry-level exposure in a specific field or industry. Interns with ASPIRE WS benefit you by providing workforce talent. Interns can work on general duties or special projects. 


Q: What times of the year are students available to work through an ASPIRE WS internship? 

A: ASPIRE WS offers internships in the Summer. High school juniors and seniors will work a minimum of 80 hours and up to 135 hours with their host company during the internship term. 


Q: How are interns compensated 

A: The pay scale for the internship program is $10 per hour or the prevailing minimum wage of the host company, whichever amount is higher. Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. will match $10 per hour for up to 135 hours worked per student intern. The intern is a W2 employee of the host company.  


Q: What are the obligations of the host company? 

A: The host company is required to sign an MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) that outlines all obligations of the host company. This includes compliance with youth employment regulations and commercial insurance coverage.  


Q: How are interns matched with host companies? 

A: Eligible students who complete the required employability training will participate in mini-interview sessions with host companies. Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. will use feedback from the interview sessions, along with applicable student criteria, to match interns with host companies. Approved matches will result in an official offer letter to the student intern from the host company.  


Q: What support is available to host companies participating in the internship program? 

A: As administrators of the program, Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. has a dedicated position on staff to support host companies. The Director of Career Readiness, Alesia Hilton, along with the Talent and Workforce Department, will work with all host companies throughout the internship process to ensure a positive experience for our business partners. 


Q: Will ASPIRE WS use my business in the marketing of the program? 

A: Yes, we request host companies provide a logo for marketing of the internship program, including, but not limited to: brochures, website, and social media. 


Q: Who can I contact to learn more? 

A: Reach out to Alesia Hilton, Director of Career Readiness, with Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. 

Email Alesia | Phone: 336-728-9222  


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