In Winston-Salem, our community is coming together to support the goal of becoming the best city to start and grow a company, nationwide.

We have a lot of recognition to show that we are one of the very best cities for startups:

The key to our success is our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – Winston-Salem’s formal network of support for small businesses and startups. If you are embarking on a new business venture, know that you will find all the resources you need to succeed here. Our programs and services are aligned with other community resources to help startups move from idea to actionable concept, to growth at scale.

Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. offers a Startup Tier membership for companies who are formally engaged in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Through a partnership with WellQ, Startup Tier members can also join WellQ at a discounted rate. Together, we aim to support the physical and financial health of entrepreneurs and small business owners.


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