The Ingredients for Success 

The food and beverage processing industry is essential to our daily lives without it, our grocery store shelves wouldn’t be stocked with our favorite fruits, vegetables, meats, and snack foods. In Winston-Salem, companies like Pepsico, Dean Foods, Krispy Kreme, and Texas Pete/Garner Foods are responsible for processing, packaging and shipping these food products. Thanks to Winston-Salem’s close proximity to five interstates, three major rail lines and an international airport, as well as its expansive space for warehousing and logistics operations, these companies are able to reach consumers across the nation. With an abundant supply of water and agricultural inputs, Winston-Salem offers food and beverage processors close proximity to these resources. With plenty of skilled workers in the region, companies have access to talent that will help them grow and expand.

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88% of the population in Winston-Salem has a high school education or higher. Find more data about Winston-Salem’s educated workforce here.

Facts & Rankings

Home to major food companies like TW Garner (Texas Pete), Krispy Kreme, and Pepsi

Concentrations in grocery/wholesale, bakery and tortilla manufacturing, and brewing

2,600+ Employed in Forsyth County

#2 Best Water Quality in the US

(Winston-Salem/Forsyth Co) | Lawnstarter 2021

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