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Advocacy Update

Association Health Insurance-Senate Bill 86 If the opening days of the legislative session started out as a leisurely walk, the past few weeks have escalated into an exuberant run. Sen. Joyce Krawiec, R-Forsyth, made waves in the world of healthcare policy because a Senate bill she co-sponsored was sent to the Senate floor for debate.… Read More »

Internal Email Habits and Policies to Protect Your Business

Cautionary Tales and Two Low-Cost Ways to Avoid Playing the Bad Guy in Court Last year, Uber agreed to pay over $200 Million in equity to settle a trade secrets case brought by Waymo, Google’s self-driving vehicle project. Waymo claimed that its “tech lead,” Anthony Levandowski, downloaded 14,000 files before he—and the files—eventually landed at… Read More »

Advocacy on the Road to Nashville

It has been an exciting time in Government Affairs at the Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce. After finalizing our Legislative Agenda at the top of the year, we were able to mail a copy to our delegation of elected officials this month. Each letter thanked our elected officials for their tireless efforts to help enrich… Read More »

House and Senate Sessions Open in Raleigh

Recently, I met with policy influencers in Raleigh to discuss the Winston Salem Chamber’s new Legislative Agenda. I’m happy announce that it was well-received. We will work tirelessly to make sure that all of the issues you identified as important are articulated to our legislative delegation. The House and Senate opened the year on Wednesday,… Read More »

When Employee Embezzlement Happens, Businesses Have Options

With increasing frequency, small businesses are learning that they have been the victim of employee embezzlement. Whether the employee used the company credit card for personal gain or gave themselves unauthorized raises, victim businesses are often at a loss at where to turn and what to do next. What a victim business might not realize… Read More »

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