The Winston Salem Chamber is officially endorsing the Tanglewood Business Park development project due to its potential economic benefits for the region.

Tanglewood Business Park is a 170-acre proposed area of development on Idols Road intended for manufacturing use. The current estimated cost of the first and second phases of the business park is $8.5 million.

The Chamber’s statement of support is as follows:

The mission of the Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce is to provide and advocate for a favorable environment for businesses of all sizes. As we work to fulfill that mission, it is incumbent upon us to fully support Tanglewood Business Park. We recognize infrastructure development is a vital component in encouraging a region’s economic growth. It is critical that Forsyth County is able to offer industrial space to enhance our viability as a top-tier business region. The Chamber supports fiscally responsible initiatives to accelerate that growth and development.

Once completed, Tanglewood Business Park is projected to generate annual property-tax revenue of $614,194 over a 10 to 15-year period and create nearly 2,000 jobs. This type of economic impact will benefit the entire business community and diversify our competitive portfolio. The potential benefits of the facility greatly outweigh any concerns.

For these reasons, we fully support and encourage Forsyth County to move forward with this project.