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Winston Salem Chamber Supports Proposed Stevens Center Renovations

The Stevens Center is an iconic and cultural masterpiece beloved for generations here in Winston Salem. We are grateful for its presence in our community, and its role as an important economic asset to the city. The Stevens Center is a vital fixture in the aesthetic of our downtown and is an essential teaching facility… Read More »

Winston Salem Chamber Opposes FIBER NC Act

This Week at the Capital shared the following information regarding House Bill 431 (FIBER NC Act): This bill would allow counties and municipalities to build and lease facilities and equipment to increase broadband services. The bill was filed on March 21st and referred to the Committee on Energy and Public Utilities on March 25th. This… Read More »

Advocate Together. A Government Affairs First-Quarter Progress Report

Our tagline, “Together”, symbolizes our promise to have salient conversations about how to make our community the best it can be. It symbolizes our commitment to the business community to involve all voices in the community when we engage in those conversations. The Government Affairs team is adhering to that creed and we invite you… Read More »

Making North Carolina More Business-Friendly through Recent Changes to Corporate Law

Recent changes to North Carolina corporate law may help make North Carolina even friendlier to businesses by eliminating any perceived advantage other states may have had over North Carolina. These changes are also designed to help attract and retain qualified individuals as officers and directors of North Carolina corporations. Last year, the General Assembly enacted… Read More »

Winston Salem Chamber Endorses Tanglewood Business Park

The Winston Salem Chamber is officially endorsing the Tanglewood Business Park development project due to its potential economic benefits for the region. Tanglewood Business Park is a 170-acre proposed area of development on Idols Road intended for manufacturing use. The current estimated cost of the first and second phases of the business park is $8.5… Read More »

Advocacy Update

Association Health Insurance-Senate Bill 86 If the opening days of the legislative session started out as a leisurely walk, the past few weeks have escalated into an exuberant run. Sen. Joyce Krawiec, R-Forsyth, made waves in the world of healthcare policy because a Senate bill she co-sponsored was sent to the Senate floor for debate.… Read More »

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