Broadstreet Marketing & Logistics, a relationship marketing company, announces the launch of ENVOY, a marketing tool that eliminates the overwhelming nature of relationship marketing. The tool was built to replicate the disciplined approach of large company CRM on a scale manageable and within budgets of small to mid-sized companies. Broadstreet believes that talking with and responding to consumers in a meaningful way shows them the brand cares and is the key to generating impactful results.

ENVOY is more than just software as a service. It includes a unique offering to give clients an advantage. “Our difference is really in the personal touch we provide to our clients. We are more than technical support. Each client has dedicated marketing and technology professionals ready to help answer questions and to be an extension of their marketing department – all located right here in the Triad,” said Chris Gunzenhauser, CEO and founder of Broadstreet Marketing & Logistics.

ENVOY was designed on the basic principles of relationship marketing:

  • Start with a central repository for all consumer information. With a 360° view of consumers (including e-commerce integration), marketers can talk to customers based on where they are in the brand funnel.
  • Utilize an easy set of tools to facilitate communication.
  • Develop processes (and disciplines) that help marketers focus on best practices to grow the business.
  • Access easy ways to see if marketing efforts are making a difference.

The software is only as good as the marketing efforts, learning and refining applied to it. By focusing on the people and working together, ENVOY can be the tool that makes a difference in reaching brand goals.

About Broadstreet Marketing & Logistics:

Broadstreet Marketing & Logistics is a relationship marketing company based in Winston-Salem, NC. Founded in 2000, the company focuses on blending marketing + technology to provide services and tools to put the customer at the center of the conversation and drive measurable impact on the bottom line. Please visit or contact Jessica McKnight at for more information. Broadstreet is a division of Concinnity Marketing & Technology, also located in Winston-Salem, NC.