Local high-schooler Slade Parsons is well on his way to achieving a dream he’s had all his life: to become a professional race car driver. He’s making it happen by combining his skills behind the wheel with many other efforts considered unconventional for a teenager, like attending business meetings after school and perhaps being the youngest member of the Chamber of Commerce we’ve ever had. Corresponding with our Keep it Local: Sports month – Slade is making a big announcement about a new partnership that’s helping him reach one step closer to his dream.  

My name is Slade Parsons and I am a 17-year-old Junior at RJ Reynolds High School. While my friends are out having fun on weekends I am continuing my path to living my dream as a professional race car driver. It is a full-time commitment and in 2018 I will be facing my biggest challenge.

I have been racing for about seven years and with each season my success has continued to grow. Last season was my best winning at Friendship Speedway in Elkin, NC and recording numerous Top 5 finishes wherever we raced. In October of 2016, I won the biggest race of my career at the Dirt Track at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and wanted to follow up that win making a statement with the design of my race car.

I sat down with my manager and we came up with the “Salute to Winston Salem” tribute car that featured the skyline of Winston-Salem on the racecar. The impact was huge for me personally and to be able to share where I live with racers and fans from all over our country was memorable. It was so cool to have my car in the annual Jaycees Christmas parade and again the reception we received was incredible.

I have had the opportunity to get to know members of our Chamber of Commerce and it was amazing attending the Chamber meeting introducing our new President and CEO Mark Owens. I am hoping that our involvement with the Chamber will allow us to get to know other members and perhaps new fans and supporters too.

I am so excited to tell you about my 2018 racing season. I have just become a teammate to the National Modified Champion, Kyle Strickler, who will be maintaining my racecar as well as mentoring me on my driving and career. It is a dream come true for me to be a teammate to a true national hero. You might not have heard of Kyle but at tracks as far away as Iowa, he is a star. He takes my racing to a whole new level and he is as excited as I am to help me become one of the best in the country. We will now be bringing the Winston-Salem tribute car not only to local race tracks in the Carolinas but to fans as far as 700 miles away who might have never visited my hometown.

My teaming with Kyle Strickler is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my career. I am confident that this partnership with Kyle will make Slade Parsons and Winston-Salem household names across America. I am honored to bring awareness and new visitors to my hometown.

To learn more about Slade Parsons and the “Salute to Winston-Salem” tribute car or marketing or media information please call Rolfe Schnur Motorsports Marketing at 954-224-8661.


The Chamber’s Keep it Local initiative promotes community support for local business ventures. Spending locally creates a strong economy and a sense of place which gives our town its unique lifestyle. The Keep it Local campaign will feature a different segment of businesses each month in 2018. March is Sports Month.