When you flip on the news, read through your social media, and even if you speak to your neighbors, it’s likely that they are all concerned about staying safe. They are anxious. Of course, you have to follow the official guidelines from the local health agencies to stay safe. But through all of these regulations and pandemic fears, I have noticed something interesting in everyone that’s quarantined. I’ve noticed something that I’ve rarely seen during my career – people are available.

During the typical day, people are always busy. They are in the board room, on the road, or focusing on their work. While this does still go on, it goes on as people are working from home. With these unprecedented times, here are some ways to take advantage of this newfound availability, both personally and professionally.

Take Advantage of the Lull

Some business may have halted, but you can take advantage of this time to connect with people that will further grow your business. Be sure to do your research on potential new connections and plan for how you can work together in the future. These are things that will help you be more successful.

Do Your Research

Take advantage of this lull to do your research, be sure that you read old interviews and everything that you can on potential new partners or clients. You may not be able to do in-person meetings right now, but you can definitely take advantage of this time to grow your business.

Work/Life Balance

People struggle a lot with work/life balance, but your new situation of working from home can give you the balance you’ve been looking for. Make a schedule for yourself that will work for your business and personal life. 

Get Your Body Healthy 

Now that you’re home, take advantage of it. Get a standup desk and a desk treadmill to fit in exercise while you work. If that’s not an option, there are loads of exercise at home video options for free on Youtube or for purchase. Your local gym may even have virtual programs to take advantage of while you can’t go in person.

Although it is important to wash your hands, stay away from touching your face and practice social distance, one of the most important ways to help you now and later is eating healthier. Fresh fruit and veggies can help improve your immune system so you can stay healthier overall.

Focus on the Positive

Watching negative news causes a massive amount of anxiety and harmful stress. This mental struggle will eat away at your immune system and your well being. Find whatever method that works for you to ease your anxiety and build those healthy practices into your daily routine. For example, if you love to read, paint, practice yoga or even pray, make sure that you build that into your schedule. When you stick to a plan it all becomes simple to apply.

Nike Roach MS, LMBT is a clinical massage therapist and part-owner of 6th Sense Health and Wellness, a massage therapy, acupuncture and nutritional counseling practice based in downtown Winston Salem.