New Relief Funds Available

If your business has experienced extraordinary business disruption and it has not been able to open due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the new Mortgage, Utility and Rent Relief (MURR) Program may be able to offer assistance with some of your fixed costs.

Eligibility for the MURR Program is limited to the following types of businesses:

  • Amusement Parks
  • Banquet Halls (with Catering Staff)
  • Bars, Taverns, Night Clubs, Cocktail Lounges
  • Bingo Parlors
  • Bowling Alleys/Centers
  • Dance Halls
  • Indoor Fitness and Recreation Centers
  • Motion Picture/Movie Theaters (except drive-ins)
  • Museums

MURR Program

Outdoor Venue Capacity Update

Governor Cooper announced that large outdoor venues that can seat at least 10,000 people, including stadiums, will be able to open at 7% capacity starting October 2nd. The wearing of face coverings will still be required and social distancing must be practiced. State and public health officials will continue watching the key COVID-19 trends over the next week to determine if any further restrictions can be eased when the current Executive Order expires next Friday, October 2nd at 5:00p.m.