Governor Cooper signed HB103 on Monday of this week. North Carolina’s legislative body sent its $27.9 billion spending plan and a few other bills to Governor Cooper’s desk two weeks ago. The GOP-led Senate and House gave their final approvals of the annual spending plan in a procedural vote that same week after finding bipartisan support for the measure.

Although this has been a particularly short session, the budget and bills are intended to protect the state’s coffers in the event of any economic stressors caused by inflation. Lawmakers set aside $1 billion in a new fund reserved for tackling inflation in the face of a possible recession. It also adds more than $1.5 billion for infrastructure projects and $26 million to hire additional school resource officers.

The budget does not address major policy issues discussed this year. Those topics included Medicaid expansion, medical marijuana legalization, and online sports betting. The budget fails to reduce taxes or provide gas tax rebates as members from each party called for in the weeks leading up to the Governor’s signature. It must be noted that if Mr. Cooper did not sign or veto the $27.9 billion spending plan by the end of Monday, it would have become law without his signature because of the number of votes the budget received from his own party.

The following items directly impact Winston Salem/Forsyth County:

  • $2.4 million for water and sewer infrastructure at Tanglewood Business Park
  • Raises for teachers and state employees
  • $500,000 for capital improvements or equipment for the Town of Kernersville and Village of Clemmons

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