Krispy Kreme has announced it will expand operations at its Winston-Salem facility, to support the production of its Branded Sweet Treats line, a packaged doughnut product. The expansion will generate 180 new jobs with a $5.8 million capital investment over 3-4 years as part of the company’s long-term growth strategy.


A legacy employer in Forsyth County, Krispy Kreme was founded in Winston-Salem in 1937 and operates retail and production locations worldwide. The new production line will be added to the Ivy Avenue production facility in Winston-Salem.

“Since its founding over 85 years ago, Krispy Kreme has remained committed to its origins in Winston-Salem. With this project, we look forward to growing our presence in Winston-Salem, a city that has always meant so much to the brand,” says Josh Charlesworth, Global President and COO for Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme is an integral part of Winston-Salem’s history. Along with companies like Reynolds, Hanes, Garner Foods, and others, Krispy Kreme’s story is an example of enterprising entrepreneurs that have gone on to build some of America’s most iconic brands from right here in Winston-Salem,” says Mark Owens, President and CEO of Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. “As one of our city’s legacy companies, Krispy Kreme has been a cornerstone to building our strong food and beverage manufacturing industry, thus allowing for it to continue to expand here.”

Under the umbrella of advanced manufacturing, food and beverage processing is a target industry sector in Winston-Salem. Particular advantages include transportation accessibility, warehousing and logistics operations, an abundant, high-quality water supply, and agricultural inputs that position Winston-Salem favorably in this sector.

The City of Winston-Salem has committed to supporting the project with up to $156,456 in performance-based incentives, with Forsyth County pledging $109,600. The project is expected to generate 180 new jobs and also retain 37 existing jobs over the next 3-4 years. The new jobs will have an average wage of $33,150.

“We are proud to support Krispy Kreme’s commitment to grow and add jobs in Winston-Salem. As an internationally recognized brand that was founded here, Krispy Kreme raises Winston-Salem’s visibility as a place to locate, and their decision to continue investing here reinforces that,” says Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines.

“I am grateful to our partners in the City and County for their support of this project that generates new employment opportunities in the Northeast Ward,” says City Council member Barbara Burke. “Krispy Kreme has long been an important presence here and I am proud to work together with the company and our partners to support its growth.” 

“This project continues to build the manufacturing momentum in Forsyth County. With the location and talent advantages here, we are able to both retain and encourage new investment from a legacy employer, says Kyle Haney, Director of Community and Economic Development for Forsyth County. “Importantly, this project supports the company’s growth in packaged products for the grocery market, meeting a key area of strategic growth for the company.”

In addition to support provided by the City of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, Krispy Kreme is also seeking a $60,000 NC Rural Division Building Reuse grant from the NC Department of Commerce.

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