Tech Briefing

The Tech Briefing is an entertaining, informative, and fast-moving event open to the public and appealing to a broad audience. It is not a dull science conference. We feature ten presenters who each speak for just five minutes about their innovative technologies, designs, and products. This is your opportunity to learn firsthand why we now call Winston-Salem the City of Arts and Innovation.

You will hear from biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and IT companies. But, you will also learn about new ways to market products, how drones are being used to analyze our environment, and new solutions to improve our health. These are innovations that are improving all our lives and they are being created here in our community. You will leave the Tech Briefing saying, “Wow! I had no idea things like that are happening right here in Winston-Salem!”

More details for the 2015 Tech Briefing (including date, time, and venue) will be announced soon!

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