Kailo Healthcare Technologies (Kailo) will hold an Open House Wednesday, August 19, 2015 from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. at their offices located at 301 North Main Street, 3rd Floor Winston Tower, Winston-Salem.

“This event will give Kailo and our leadership the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the community,” said Mark Stewart, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. Kailo’s open house showcases their newly remodeled offices.

The company’s rapid expansion is being driven by the healthcare industry’s desire to improve patient care and operate with greater efficiency.

Kailo’s current operation provides IT consulting, service desk, desktop support and clinical concierge along with infrastructure and data center services to healthcare systems throughout the United States. Trevor Hendrickson, Co-Founder of Kailo says their mantra is to “remove technology obstacles within healthcare organizations to keep their operations running smoothly and their focus on what matters most – the patient.”

“Most companies define themselves by the technology they use, but we realize the human factor is what drives a company,” Vicki Parsons, Vice President of Talent for Kailo says. “Winston-Salem and the greater Triad provide us with the opportunity to grow our business with an abundance of talent and resources.”

Kailo, whose slogan is “Do More with Less”, is considering North Carolina’s Triad along with Iowa and Arizona for their second phase of expansion yet this year and into early 2016.

About Kailo Healthcare Technologies

Kailo is built on decades of experience from founders Mark Stewart, Mark Kittrell, and Trevor Hendrickson, and the companies that were the impetus for their beginning. Three partners, whose backgrounds in the financial and healthcare industries gave them tremendous insight and experience in security, regulations, IT services, data center, and human resource management, saw an opportunity to be a leader in a rapidly changing healthcare arena.

“Kailo” means many positive things such as wholeness, wellness, and goodness. The company brings those same things to their clients’ process, clinicians, and ultimately to patients through their holistic approach to IT.

For more information please contact:
Trevor Hendrickson
(319) 610-0405